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Belbin High  Performance  Teams

Belbin Team Roles is all about understanding what contribution each person makes to a team and how when you work to your strengths and cover all the elements, it makes the team (whether a work or project team) high performance.


In the 1970’s Dr Meredith Belbin and his research team at Henley Management College wanted to find out what made high performance teams.  They studied management teams and looked at personality, intelligence and behaviour and what they found was that the success of the team was largely about the behaviour.  It was found that when you had team members that covered all 9 roles (not necessarily 9 people as you can play more than one role) the team was more successful.  A team that was balanced was the key.

The High Performance Teams programme consists of:

Once the reports are completed, we run a 3 hour workshop for your HR team. The workshop content contains:

You’ll then be able to action plan what steps you can take to take the team to high performance!

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