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The Certificate in HR Business Partnering

Programme Overview

Our HR Business Partner Certificate is a 1 year programme focused on building your strategic HR skills so that you can deliver as a high impact HR Business Partner. It involves online modules, assignments and assessments.

Who should attend?

You’ll benefit most from the HR Business Partner Certificate if you are:

An experienced HR Advisor/Consultant wanting to prepare to move into an HRBP role

An HR Business Partner wanting a formal programme to build your skills and experience

In an HR role in a company moving to an HR Business Partnering model

What will you finish with?

The HR Business Partner Certificate is different from tertiary study as you need to be working in a role where you can apply what you’re learning, rather than covering theory. You’ll work through case studies and assessments to test you are applying what we’ve covered. Once you’ve completed your final assessment you will be awarded your certificate.

For those based in New Zealand, 3 modules are ER focused. For those based in the rest of the world the modules are non employment law focused.

Apply for a place

The programme investment is AUD$1,750 or NZ$1,950, UK £995 or US$1,295.

Just complete the online application to enrol. Fees must be paid when you enrol.

The Certiicate must be completed with 18 months. It is scheduled for 12 months however you can defer completion by a further 6 months due to work or other circumstances.

Apply Online - NZ

HR Business Partner Competency Assessment

To start the Certificate you’ll complete an individual assessment of where you think your skills and experience level are in the different areas covered by the programme. This is completed at the start and the end of the programme so that you can check you have grown your skills, and also for your ongoing development plan after you have finished the Certificate. You’ll also nominate 3 managers to complete a 360 to help you with identifying your strengths and where you could grow to be a high impact HRBP.

HR Strategy & Planning

As an HR Manager or Business Partner, you may be in charge of the HR Plan or Strategy for your portfolio or division.

You’ll finish this module with:


The on the job assignment involves reviewing HR strategy approaches and preparing an HR strategy for a case study organisation.


The modules you’ll complete

Attending Mediation

(NZ only)

You may need to attend mediation to resolve ER issues while in an HR Business Partner role. This module will take you through

The on the job assignment involves preparing a real response and responding to what happens during mediation.


Settlements and PG’s

(NZ only)

If you need to deal with exiting employees where issues have occurred, this module takes you through:

The on the job assignment involves responding to a Personal Grievance claim, and drafting up a settlement offer.


Leading Change

This module takes you through using specific change tools through a case study so that you are fully prepared to drive change in your business including:

Your on the job assignment involves planning and reviewing a change initiative.

Your choice of two of these optional modules:

Apply Online - NZ Request the brochure Request the brochure

Engaging your Managers

As an HR Business Partner you must ensure that your managers are engaged with performance reviews, coaching and developing their teams. This module covers:

Learning Strategy

In many middle sized organisations, capability and learning sits within the HR Business Partners remit.  This module covers:

The on the job assignment involves analysing a case study and planning your programme.

Transformational Workplaces

Over the last few years at the HR Game Changer Conference we have explored and discussed what the amazing companies are doing to transform.  This webinar covers case studies from around the world on:

Investigative Interviews

If you have to run an investigation - for example, where there is an allegation of serious misconduct, bullying or harassment - you need to know how to plan who you interview and how you interview them.

This Module takes you using the PEACE model, used by Police and Investigators, to ensure you plan a thorough and unbiased investigation, and get the information you need to evaluate what actually happened.

The on the job assignment involves analysing a case and planning your investigation.

In New Zealand, you can substitute 2 modules by attending the HR BP Master Class.

Using HR Metrics and Analytics (rest of world)

Many managers and CEO’s do not understand what an HR function can deliver, as there is a lack of HR metrics or analytics delivered to the business.

You’ll finish this module with:

The on the job assignment involves analysing key HR data and solving what the real issue is happening in the case study.

Building your Company Culture

How you manage your HR function and the inititiaves and process will build your culture. You may also be responsible for mreasuring and building culture. This module covers:

Your on the job assignment involves planning and reviewing a culture initiative and strategy.

Business Acumen

An HR Business Partner must understand the financial, commercial and legal aspects of company operations to gain credibility and respect with their senior leaders, and to be able to partner with them effectively. This module covers:

Your on the job assignment involves analysing a case study and advising on issues.

Apply Online - AUST Apply Online - AUST Apply Online - US Apply Online - US Apply Online - UK Apply Online - UK

Complex ER Issues

(NZ only)

Where you have responsibility for Employment Relations, this module will give you tools to deal with:

The on the job assignment involves advising a business on clauses, reviewing a bargaining document and preparing for a collective negotiation.


Clever Communication

(rest of world)

Often whether your advice to the business is taken and implemented can come down to how it’s communicated. This modules covers:

Your assignment involves designing a communications strategy.

Talent Management and Succession (rest of world)

As an HR Business Partner you can help your business manage high potential employees, develop core competencies across your BU and prepare for succession. This module takes you through:  

Your assignment involves designing a programme for a case study example.

Employee Experience (EX) Strategy

HR is evolving and many companies are now moving to EX, using principles from CX (customer experience) to build a more engaging employment experience at all levels. This module covers the following:

• How EX is different to HR

• The benefits of focusing on employee experience

• Different tools and techniques to use to develop your employee experience strategy including design thinking, journey mapping, Voice of the Employee and more.

• A case study of a real company and their approach

Your assignment involves developing an EX strategy for a case study company.  



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Our three principles

Founded in New Zealand in 2006 by Angela and Fraser Atkins, we always had big plans for elephant! We developed and refined our programmes over time then in 2016 we went global. We’ve never looked back and develop all our programmes this way.

Our programmes focus on actual outcomes with practical tools and techniques you can use straight away. We discuss real life not just theory and we make it fun!

We design and run programmes globally with customised parts for each country. And we have local experts facilitate our workshops. You get the best of both worlds.

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