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Programme Overview

The Certificate in HR Fundmentals has been designed to take you through the core areas of HR for the beginning of your HR Career. It involvesattending workshops, watching videos and then completing online modules, assignments and assessments.

Who should attend?

You’ll benefit most from the Certificate in HR Fundamentals if you are:

Are studying HR or Business and want to prepare for your first HR role

 Are new to an HR role and want to make sure you know everything you should

In a role where you have HR responsibilities and want to learn the fundamentals

What will you finish with?

The Certificate in HR Fundamentals is different from tertiary study as we cover real life, rather than just covering theory. It’s full of practical suggestions and ideas to use. You’ll work through online modules, with real case studies and assessments to test you are applying what we’ve covered. Once you’ve completed your final assessment you will be awarded your certificate.

Apply for a place

The programme investment is NZ$1,250, AUD$1,150, US$795 or UK£595.

Just complete the online application to enrol. We will then liaise with you on your timetable.


in HR Fundamentals

Essential Employment Law workshop

To start the Certificate you’ll complete our Essential Employment Law workshop, which covers 13 pieces of legislation and how they really apply in the workplace. This workshop runs in Wellington and Auckland, and we also have an online version. You’ll then need to get 70% in the online test.

For those outside of NZ, then you’ll need to have completed Employment Law training already. You will then complete one of the HR Operations topics instead - either Advising Managers, Building Culture or Wellness programmes.



Fundamental to your HR career, is knowing different communication styles, and how to adapt and engage managers and employees.

This module takes you through:


The on the job assignment involves reviewing an existing system and making changes.


The modules you’ll complete

Induction and On-boarding

Managing induction and on-boarding processes can often fall into an HR Coordinators role. Getting it right is essential for making sure new employees get up to speed quickly. This module covers:

The on the job assignment involves preparing a recommendation for induction and on-boarding for a case study.


Recruitment and


At the start of your HR career you are often responsible for advertising roles, helping shortlist and manage vacancies. This module covers:

The on the job assignment involves managing a case study of a vacancy and anticipating the issues that may occur.

Offering Employment

In HR Administrator or Coordinator roles, you are often responsible for managing the operational processes around offering employment.

This module takes you through:

The on the job assignment involves reviewing some real case studies and advising on how to resolve the issues that have occurred.

Establishing Yourself

It’s hard early in your career. You’ve learned theory at university but don’t have any experience applying it. This makes it hard to have credibility with your HR team and with people managers. This module will help you work out how to establish yourself including:

The on the job assignment involves coming up with solutions to each of the challenges we set out.


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Writing HR Policies

This module takes you through:


Your on the job assignment involves reviewing some company policies and rewriting them.


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How do the Certificate programmes work?

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Optional Module

You also need to complete one optional module - and you can choose  from either the Certificate in HR Operations, Payroll Certificate or L&D Certificate - to cover any specialist responsibilities you may have in your role.