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Employment Law Guide

Richard Rudman

This is an excellent guide to NZ Employment Legislation and case law. A must for any HR bookshelf - it also has commentary on what the different parts of the Act actually mean.

How full is your bucket?

Tom Rath & Donald Clifton

The concept of this book is about being positive to others and not only do you fill up their bucket, but your own too! A great read for managers or HR teams wanting to build a positive culture.

Death by Meeting

Patrick Lencioni

This leadership fable tackles one of the biggest issues many companies face - how do you get over being killed by too many meetings? The fable part makes it fun but the last part with actual solutions of how to reinvent your meetings is well worth a read.

Reinventing Organisations

Frederic Laloux

A fascinating book about how companies go through the same stages of evolution and where the future is going to lead us. The case studies about self managing teams give lots of details about why they’ve worked. A must read if you’re into changing the game!

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