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The Future of Management Training in NZ Blue Paper #1

Here at Elephant we believe that NZ companies have the potential to be the best in the world – through better HR and management.  Our mission is to help companies achieve this. One of the ways we do this is to conduct research into New Zealand Human Resources and management practices and share these results with our community via our blue papers.  

In September 2013 we conducted a survey to research what companies were currently doing and planning to do with management training in New Zealand and had over 110 companies respond, from SME’s to large corporate’s.

Key Findings:

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Angela’s articles have been published in a variety of magazines and websites. Here is a selection of her work.

Employment Law Around the World - During 2012 and 2013 Angela has written a series of articles comparing employment law from New Zealand with Australia, South Africa, the UK and more. Published in   Employment Today magazine, so far she has looked at:

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It's lonely at the top Article in Herald on Sunday in March 2011, about Angela's new book and HR being a lonely role. To read it, click here.

Grow your HR skills Published in December 2010 issue of HR Magazine. To read it, click here.

Managing in High Heels Published on the Breeze's website in August 2009, find out lessons Angela learnt about being a female manager by clicking here.

Tackling Poor Performance Published in the NZ Herald, NZ Plumbing, NZ Business and more in July 2009. To check it out, click here.

HR that makes managers jump for joy!  Published in the June 2009 HRINZ magazine. To read it, click here.

Employment Law Quiz! Published in the May 2009 Employment Today magazine. Test whether you're up to date with new legislation changes by clicking here.

The best HR blogs

HR Continuous Improvement Written by our own Lisa Hunter.  Lisa has a background in both HR and CI and sees them as being closely linked. To have a read click here.

Upstart HR Ben Eubanks writes the ‘Upstart HR’ blog, reporting on HR from the trenches. Some great articles in here including one on what relationship HR has with their CEO - can be the ‘office spouse!’. To have a read click here.

Angela’s articles

Up the Down Escalator Wrritten by Richard Westney, an HR Director based in NZ.  He shares his sometimes controversial thoughts about HR!  To have a read click here.

HR Management Bites Angela Atkins shares extra thoughts about HR and management that she couldn’t fit into either of her books! To have a read click here.

Evil HR Lady All HR people are evil, it's in our job description. Or at least, that seems to be the prevailing theory. In reality, there's just more going on behind the scenes than most people know. I'm here to demystify your Human Resources department and tell you just why you worked your tail end off all year and still got a 1.7 percent bonus.  To have a read click here.

HR Minion Shauna Moerke has been blogging for 6 years often about the stupid things that happen in HR. Often hilarious, very real. To have a read click here.

HR Gem Gemma Reucroft from the UK blogs about some really challenging parts of HR. To have a read click here.

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