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What are engagement surveys?

An Engagement Survey (also called a Staff Satisfaction Survey or Culture Survey) collects anonymous information from employees about how they rate different areas, what they love, what they loathe, where things are going well and are motivating, and where things could be improved.

What questions are asked?

We have a standard survey which is split into 7 different areas and focusses on the following:

We also include open ended questions where employees can make suggestions and write what they like. We have two ways we can do this. Either at the end of the survey, asking what the best things about working with your company are, and what top 3 things could be changed - or after each of the different areas.

Included are questions around 3 key drivers of engagement - whether the employee wants to stay for the next 12 months, says great things about your company and strives to go above and beyond.

The survey is anonymous however in the fully customised option, we can include some demographics (e.g. management group vs employee, different divisions) and report on these in the analysis.

Are you looking for an affordable and easy way to run an Engagement Survey, Staff Satisfaction Survey or Culture Survey in your company?

The great news is the Elephant Group Engagement survey package is here to help!

The Elephant Group engagement survey process & pricing

If you want to run an engagement survey in your business  – you’ll usually pay many thousands dollars or pounds. This makes the process unaffordable for many organisations.

The great news is that Elephant Group’s engagement surveys are affordable and easy to use! There is no system that you have to implement and no enormous fees to pay and definitely no hidden charges later on.

Our standard survey is per person = NZD $25 | GBP £10 | AUD$22 | CAD$20 | US$15

This includes review and customisation of up to 10 of the questions.  

For a small extra fee we can also run a pulse survey for you.

If you want to fully customise the survey the per person charge is = NZD $35 | GBP £15 | AUD $30 | CAD$30 | US$22.

How does it work?

Once you have purchased your enragement survey pack, for the appropriate number of employees, the following process applies:

1. We will send you through a communication plan of what we send out to each person doing the survey and the follow ups. You are welcome to customise this.

2. We will also sent you through a copy of the questions we ask. For the standard survey you can change or customise up to 10 of the questions. For the fully customised survey, we work with you to put the questions together.

2. Once the survey timing, communications and questions are agreed, we will ask for you an email  list of who the survey is to be sent to.

3. We send out the survey to those nominated.

4. We leave the agreed timeframe for people to provide the feedback and follow up employees twice during survey period to get as many responses as possible. We provide you with response numbers. The survey period can be extended if needed.

5. Once the survey is closed, we will compile detailed analysis of the results within 2 weeks. We will then send through these results to the nominated recipient(s) of the report.

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