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Social Media as an HR tool

Would you like a refresh on an area of HR you haven’t dealt with before, or for a long while? Some new ideas that actually work? Practical solutions to overcome challenges?

If the answer is yes, then our Refresh HR webinars are for you! Around 45 minutes long, each webinar has practical examples of how each area works in real life. Once you purchase, we send you a link to watch on demand, and a copy of the slides to take notes.

Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedures Remuneration and Reward

Social Media 101 covers:

Super Recruitment covers:

Talent Management covers:

Restructuring covers:

Writing Perfect Policies covers:

Clever Communication covers:

Building a Brilliant Culture covers:

Poor Performance covers:

I’m Warning You covers:

Being an HR Consultant is for people who are externally consulting and covers:

Remuneration & Reward covers:

Restructuring and Redundancy Talent Management and Succession Planning HR Communications Plans Dealing with Poor Performance

Managing Medical Incapacity covers:

Managing Medical Incapacity Purchase - NZ

Designing a Performance Review System covers:

Designing Competency Models covers:

Development Plans covers:

Engaging your Managers covers:

Designing Performance Reviews Wonderful Wellness Programmes

Wonderful Wellness Ideas covers:

Innovative Induction & Orientation covers:

HR & Payroll Metrics and Analytics covers:

HR and Payroll Metrics and AnalyticsPurchase - UKPurchase - USDRecruitment StrategyInduction and OrientationBuilding a Competency ModelDevelopment PlansEngaging Managers in Performance Reviews

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